Christine Högl


Saiten und Blätter

Garden of Happiness

with Rosalie to the little paradise

a NaturePoetry program


Rosalie is a heavenly gardener and sees a world full of sunshine, dream clouds, wonder flowers and colorful butterflies. She loves playing on her harp, listening to the wind and visiting her friends in the Garden of Happiness. It is a little paradise where everything is possible and dreams come true: cheerful, smart, gentle, quiet, playful ... truly enchanting!


"Life is not enough, said the butterfly. Sunshine, freedom and a little flower are also important."

Hans Christian Andersen

"The Garden of Happiness" is a nature poetry program with harp music. We expect an experience for all the senses, in which we go on a journey with the heavenly gardener Rosalie. Music and poetic stories create moments of silence, dreaming and smiling. The harp sound and nature open heart and soul, and that feels good.


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