Christine Högl


"Magic of the Otherworld"

"The Magic of the Otherworld" is the title of a unique experience of sound and images in a 360° dome that was created at the University of Applied Sciences Kiel. The visual arc leads spectators out of a cave over mountains, forests, streams, and lakes to a mystical coastline and into the silent vastness of the cosmos. In this gently moving scenery the music of Christine Högl invites the audience to immerse themselves into another world. “The Magic of the Otherworld” will be performed in planetarium domes around the world

Planetariumsshow in 360°

The "Full-Dome projection" is a young medium that is used primarily in modern planetariums. The dome-filling 360° film creates an intense emotional effect - music with Celtic harp and images enables a deep, sustainable immersion into the scenery. The Mediendom Kiel has already produced a series of own shows that are successful nationally and internationally, and have been awarded with international design awards.

part 11

part 10

part 8

With this production the Mediendom is breaking new ground. Rock or pop music events in the new full-dome technology have already been shown throughout the world – it is a visual accompaniment to harp music at 360 ° that still does not exist. At the International FullDome Festival 2012 JENA/ Germany »Magic of the Otherworld« came among the top ten shows.


Trailer und full show


It is only in a dome that you can get the real 3D fulldome impression. A normal computer screen cannot show it.

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