Christine Högl


The Taming of the Harp


The Taming of the Harp

based on the story of Kakuzô Okakura Tenshin.

Christine Högl – concept, composition, harp
Jim Franklin – Shakuhachi
Bernd Kuschmann – speaker

Autumn Moon is a musical journey full of magical moments, graceful ease and quiet amazement. Through the delicate touch of beauty, secret strings of our being are vibrating. The story is a poetic parable on love and life in its natural beauty.

Christine Högl is accompanied by Jim Franklin, Shakuhachi-Master (Shihan) with the contrasting sound of bamboo flute, a traditional Japanese instrument.

about ‚Autumn Moon‘

The Japanese Arts are a great inspiration for me. Playing together with the Shakuhachi is a long-standing experience. Also the Japanese painting and calligraphy always fascinated me, as you can see on my drawing 'Bamboo harp'.

"The Book of Tea" by Kakuzô Okakura Tenshin (1862-1913) explores the ZEN philosophical background of the Japanese Art of Tea, where it comes to leave the ephemeral and to participate in the eternal. The chapter of the Taoist tale ' The Taming of the Harp' meets the essential of my music and reflects my life story with the‘universal harp’ IONA.


People, wether young or old are looking more for quiet moments. I experience people relaxing, when they listen to the harp sound. It is as if they find a little paradise, which often get lost in everyday hustle and bustle. With AUTUMN MOON I wish to create a charming space of inspiration: simply enchanting beautiful.

Harp and shakuhachi

Composition by Christine Högl
Arrangement by Jim Franklin

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