Christine Högl


Christine Högl

harpist & composer

My music is gentle and strong, clear and magical at the same time. In my compositions I find a balance between structure and spontaneity, form and freedom. In my improvisations I take the moment to create musical surprises, entices the imagination, always exciting, never the same. I aim to leave the listener with lasting feelings whilst leaving room for personal reflections and associations.


My music with the Celtic harp IONA draws you into a modern ‘Otherworld’ beyond our everyday life: sensual, playful and mesmerizing. The music takes you on a journey, searching into your dreams ... bringing forth another, mostly hidden reality.

Natural & light

My favorite instrument is the harp IONA with its warm and delicate sound. The little harp surprises with a bright sound. The perfect unity with my harp and the unconventional style of playing allows an exceptional closeness to the audience.

Christine Högl


Growing up in the Bavarian Alps, I have been playing harp since childhood. Nature is a great source of inspiration and accompanies all my life. My values are lightness, clarity, beauty and depth of heart. From concert soloist to ‘Harp music at special places’ I have experienced the whole range in an innovative way. I received an international award for my compositions. My music is inspired by nature, painting, literature, theatre and dance.


The harp IONA was built by my husband, the harp maker Bernhard Schmidt. As an artist couple, the joy of ‘fine sound’ run throughout our life like a golden thread. Our life's work is a musical love story that flourished beautifully within our deep soul connection. For the past 30 years we have been on this journey together. Bernhard went to the stars in September 2018 and now accompanies my music from the spiritual world.

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My special thanks to my teachers:

Ragnhild Kopp, concert harp, Munich | Richard-Strauss-Conservatory, Munich | Prof. Dr. Fritz Hegi, composition und improvisation, Zurich | Hi-ah Park, Shamanic Healing Arts, Korea | Waliha Cometti, Sufism, Ticino | Firos Holterman ten Hove, United Nature, Allgäu | Renata Caddy, Garden of Heaven, Lake Constance | Albrecht Ostertag, voice, Allgäu | Walter Packi, Biokinematik, Freiburg | Derek Scott, Physical Comedy, Canada | Jean & Anja Sasportes, Kinomichi Wuppertal

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