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Christine Högl - Harp

Dreams in the stars

Harp music live in the Planetarium

Audiences experience harp music full of imagination, interleaved with impressive image projections. The listener is simultaneously a viewer who leans back comfortably while delving into another dimension. In a unique way the fulldome projection of modern planetarium opens the view into distant worlds of the universe. Be still and listen… that is the gateway to „heaven on earth“.

25 years of 'Harp Music under the Stars'

The project "Harp Music under the Stars" has been a journey full of adventures and great moments, like performing in 2004 at IPS Conference at Valencia, Spain and many other planetariums. The ambience of planetarium theaters is a perfect setting for my music and audiences just love it.

The project has been the heart of my concert activity for a quarter of a century. I am grateful and happy about this work, because it is the fulfillment of a life's work. As a planetarium musician I have achieved everything I can wish for: eight ‘Star Dream' live productions, the setting of the children's show 'The Time Bubble Journey' and the fulldome-show 'Magic of the Otherworld'.

When my project began in 1992, there were hardly any concerts or cultural events in the dome. I could encourage many planetariums to try out my new idea – with success! It can be said that as a pioneer of live concerts in planetariums, I was groundbreaking for many musicians. Today, 25 years later, there is a diverse cultural program and a wide range of live music in the 'Star Theatres'. The cultural landscape is meanwhile a part of planetariums.

"Take time for dreaming, it is the way to the stars" is an Irish word. In this sense, harp sounds in connection with the starry sky are in their element. It is a magical and timeless combination that touches and enchants people of all ages. Starry Sky and harp music remember our eternal home, and also touches our deep belonging to the Blue Planet Earth. It is a 'heaven on earth' when we open to it.

Christine Högl - Planetarium

The cooperation partners

My special thanks to:

All planetarium directors and their team for the supportive and personal cooperation.

Bernhard Schmidt, who accompanied the project as a sound engineer, and as a harp maker he has built my special magic harp lamp.

Eduard Thomas, director of the Mediendom of the University of Applied Sciences Kiel, and his wife Berit, without whom the project would not be what it is today.

... my wonderful audience!

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