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Christine Högl - Magical Moments

I love it to enchant people with musical stories of wonder and mystery. The harp IONA is perfect to accompany my performances. IONA is so light, that I can carry it on a strap directly on my body and thus I can move around with the harp easily, even dancing. It feels like I am creating music 'through' myself. People are enchanted by this ‘Lightness of Being’.

It’s a pleasure and a nice surprise for the audience to experience harp music in such closeness. The sounds are immediate and like a tender embrace they are touching us gently, they are sharing a smile within a little melody. For a moment they make us aware of the inner peace and friendship with ourselves and others, and they give us the courage start something new. That is what I want to share.

The people in the audience have the impression, as if they were part of the performance - and they are indeed. Their looks in the eyes show how they are emotionally involved: open, smiling, amazed, surprised, quietly enjoying, holding hands... depending on the situation, always different, never the same. It is a moving process into another dimension and with words hardly to describe. You only can feel it - magical moments, or simply human moments.

The celtic harp IONA

It all started in 2007, when the harp maker Bernhard Schmidt developed this small celtic harp model. Light as a feather and dainty, its full sound surprised me. Inspired by Peter Dawkins stories about the Island of Iona in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, we called the harp 'IONA'.

It is a symbol of the Otherworld and my music is inspired by this spirit.

“This land of many dreams still yield its secret, but it is only as we seek, that we truly find. To reach the heart of Iona is to find something eternal.”
G.E. Troup

Acrobat Reader Brochure Iona

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