Christine Högl



Listen and be happy

I invite you to go on a dream journey with the sound of my harp. The sounds of the Celtic harp IONA are immediate. Like a hug they are touching us gently, they are sharing a smile within a melody. Be still and listen… this is the gateway. The harp sounds provides us with wings and open the door to the Otherworld. This world is always present, we only have different names: it is our visions, our life’s dreams, our imagination, the mysterious…. the 'other', mostly hidden reality.

inspiration & emotional resonance

Like love, music is a divine gift to human beings. The harp is one of the oldest musical instruments in history and was already found in Egypt in 3000 BC. The heavenly harp sounds enchant us to this day. They create an atmosphere where people become calm. It is the quiet, intimate moments in which we find ourselves and our minds become peaceful. The insights that touch us in these moments are the depth and quality of our lives.


  • can take place wherever an hour of 'butterfly silence' is possible
  • offers the opportunity to switch off from everyday life and find peace
  • creates a sensual space that gives feelings and thoughts inspiration for development
  • is an offer for all ages

Program duration: 60 minutes
CD Dreamtime: 15 Euro plus 3,50 Euro shipping (Germany only, please ask for international shipping costs)

About my project

I spent my childhood and youth in dreamlike landscapes. I climbed mountains, walked over meadows in full bloom, and played with my friends in the forest. This 'biotope' of a natural, serene world I have kept in my heart to this day. Since 2013 I live in Wuppertal, in the middle of the industrial area of ‘Ruhrgebiet’. Here I exchange with many artists. In this tense and little natural environment, I felt the need to create my project 'Dreamtime' – a breathing space in our times of global restlessness and chaotic influences. That’s my way to help people reconnect with positive and healing energy.

I love nature for my music and the harp sounds goes together with nature so well. With my Celtic harp IONA we can spend a wonderful time in nature and enjoy its tranquility. With the harp sounds we easily open our hearts to the beauty of nature - and to our own nature as well. Paradise on Earth is possible! - is my keyword. Maybe I'm a dreamer... but I know that people like to be surprised. So I continue my adventure of 'Dreamtime'. Welcome!

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