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concert mobile open-air

The concert automobile with a roof top tent is an original open-air stage and the smallest theater of the world. "DREAMCLOUD" takes place in the warm season in the countryside. It is a heavenly little music theater and shows spontaneity and cheerful charm. The experience is the program, and this includes harp playing, audience and ambience. The visitors make themselves comfortable with their folding chairs, blankets and pillows and enjoy live music open-air. Welcome!

In the challenges of our time, joy and cheerfulness often fall by the wayside. "DREAMCLOUD" offers a refreshing balance to come up with other thoughts. Imagine: you are sitting in the countryside, white clouds move in the blue sky and the sun is shining. You listen to the wind and the birds in the trees and enjoy magical harp music. You relax and let your heart float with the white clouds. What does it tell you on the quiet journey? Now you have time to listen. Maybe you hear something like for the first time, perceive differently, feel inspired and your life feels a little happier... hopeful, carefree, in love, curious and full of energy. Let's start into this new land and enjoy it.

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