Christine Högl


playing her celtic harp IONA

harpist &composer

Her music is gentle and strong, clear and magical at the same time. In her compositions she finds a balance between structure and spontaneity, form and freedom. She takes the moment to create musical surprises, entices the imagination, always exciting, never the same. With ‘New Music for Harp’ she aims to leave the listener with lasting feelings whilst leaving room for personal reflections and associations.



Christine Högl draws one with the harp into a modern “otherworld” beyond our everyday life: sensual, playful and mesmerizing. The music takes one on a journey, searching into one’s dreams ... bringing forth another, mostly hidden reality.

natural & light

Christine’s favorite instrument is the harp IONA with its warm and delicate sound. The little harp surprises with a bright sound. The perfect unity of musician and harp is impressive. The unconventional style of playing also allows an exceptional closeness to the audience.

The harp is a special production of harp maker Bernhard Schmidt.

playing with celtic harp


Christine Högl has played the harp since childhood. During her trainings in Munich and Zurich, the Tyrolean and concert harps accompanied her musical development in both traditional and classical styles. Since then, she has been influenced by different cultures, especially that of the Celtic and the Asian culture. For the past 30 years, her concert activities have been a dialogue and engagement with literature, theatre & dance, photography, painting and astronomy.



Ragnhild Kopp, concert harp/ Munich | Richard-Strauss-Conservatory Munich | Prof. Dr. Fritz Hegi, Composition / Zurich | Hi-ah Park, Shamanic Healing Arts / Korea | Waliha Cometti, Sufismus / Ticino | Albrecht Ostertag, voice / Allgäu